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In the end, there was a new beginning

January 5, 2013

so its been awhile since my last post. I have since sent Sam’s car to the body shop, waited a couple weeks and picked it back up in one piece. Harrison Frame and Axel did an awesome job and you can hardly tell it was ever hit! They also told me that a previous fix on the car was never right and explains why i had so much trouble trying to line things up when i built it the first time. Now its back in the garage, today i pulled the head off to send to the machine shop for a three angle valve job and new guides, head decking and im also having the bumper welded up in a couple spots where it was damaged in the wreck. Once that stuff is out at the shop, i still need to track down our pesky oil leak and replace some other parts piled up next to the car.

Meanwhile my car has been sitting. We’ve been talking about moving for some time now but her being off work for almost a year and me racing and buying parts seemed to slow things down a little. Ive come to the realization that i need to step back, take care of things before i start racing again. I sold off my new parts i just bought, and i’m selling my Martini race car to another NASA racer that also just started out. This will put some cash in my pocket towards another house and will get the car far enough away from me to temp me from spending more money on it. Of course, while ive been arranging the sale of my race car i traded in my truck on a new Toyota Tundra pickup, which i have been buying new toys for as well. Oh well. I agreed to have the head rebuilt for my old car and install it before he picks it up, and most of my race spares will go along with it. Once the garage is more or less empty and Sam’s car is gone, i can just worry about selling our house and where we will be moving to. To add on top of my rush to find a new house, we also found out that we will be expecting another child by the end of July! We actually planned this although it happened a lot quicker than we expected this time. Hopefully by then, we will be in another larger house with more importantly, a larger work space so i can either build another spec car or maybe a time trials car, or a street rod, or a kit car….or…..well we’ll see.

IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1536


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